Customer Display Not Connected

Solution 1: Open POSRetail (RCR), and click setting on login page. Click on Customer Display on left menu, than display device pair (It should show Disconnected). It will search for nearby customer display (If it continues searching, go to Solution 2). Then click on the name, and look at your customer display screen to accept the connectivity. Click done on your RCR screen, and the Customer Display is connected (The status will show Connected).

Solution 2: Follow the following Steps.
1. Make sure your customer display application is open on your customer display iPad.
2. Make sure the Bluetooth is ON. To check this click on Settings on your iPad, and Bluetooth (Status ON).
3. If the customer display application is open, double click on home button on iPad and slide up the application to completely shut down. Restart the application and try connecting again using RCR iPad.
4. If none of the above troubleshooting resolves the problem, call 1-800-Rapid-02 or 1-800-727-4302.