How Customer can get hose report from ipad ?

Hose report is the detail of fuling with unit and amount.

For hose report in web follow below steps.

1. Configure store in ipad with gas module.
2. Take some transactions of gas or out side pump.
3. Now go to daily report module from Dashboard.


4. In shift report scroll shift report and go to the bottom section of shift report.
5. In last section hose report would display.
6. In hose report there are four column would be there. Fuel name with unit and amount, strat, sold and total.
7. In fuel name column, all available fuel display with unit and amount.


8. In start column data would display when shift was started and that time fule status when last shift close.
9. In sold column current shift sold data display according to fuel selling.
10. In total column, total of start data and current shift data display.

If you want to see hose report of x report then follow below steps.
11. Open daily report.
12. Go to x report.
13. Scroll report section and go to bottom of x report.
14. Total data of all shifts in current x would display.


If you want to see hors report in manager history then follow below steps.
Open daily report.
Go to manager report report.
In manager Z report hose report of shift history, Z history, ZZ history, centralized shift, centralize Z and centralized ZZ should display.