How Customer can get hose report from web ?

Hose report is the detail of fuling with unit and amount.

For hose report in web follow below steps.

1. Configure store in ipad with gas module.
2. Take some transactions of gas or out side pump.
3. Now in web url log in with your store.(


4. On dashboard there is all data display of report. All normal and gas transactions will display with net sale, gross margin etc etc.
5. For detail need to print daily report for that click on print button.
6. Apply option daily report pdf.
7. Detail print of report will be open.


8. When print pdf then all data display.
9. For hose report scroll and go to bottom of the report pdf.
10. There is hose running report.
11. In hose report there are four column would be there. Fuel name with unit and amount, strat, sold and total.
12. In fuel name column, all available fuel display with unit and amount.


13. In shift report, Z report, ZZ report in all reports there is hose report available.
14. For getting hose report need to go individual report print and in bottom section there would be hose report available.