How do I create third party promotions for altria scan data file ?

1. Sign in with your web log in.
2. Go to scan data module from left side of pane.
3. Select third party promotion.
4. There is one tab “Add”.
5. Click on add button.

create third-party-promotions-for-altria-scan-data01

6. Window for adding new 3rd party discount will open.

create third-party-promotions-for-altria-scan-data02

7. Enter name of the discount.
8. Enter qty on which discount define. It should be integer value.
9. Enter amount on which discount apply. This value should be numeric.
10. There are three types of discount, multipack discount, manufacture discount and loyalty discount.
11. From three at a time any one discount can be select.
12. As define type of discount, in scan data that type of 3rd party discount define.
13. Define from date and to date. Define date from where you want to apply discount in from date field and define date till discount should applicable in to date field.
14. Apply save option.

create third-party-promotions-for-altria-scan-data03

15. Added discount will display in list with all detail.

create third-party-promotions-for-altria-scan-data04