How to create new invoice in inventory count ?

Inventory count is module for item collection record for available items holding on different places.

For creating new module follow below procedure.

1. Open rapid rms application.
2. Go to dashboard and select inventory count module.


3. On inventory count module dashboard click on new.


4. When create new invoice that means for particular store start to counting items from any place of store.
5. In remarks enter any text.
6. Click on save.


7. One pop up open for entering that place name from where you need to start counting.
8. Enter place name.
9. Click on done.


10. One page for item adding will open.
11. Item(s) you found, You can enter from search option.
12. After selecting item from list click on add.
13. Items will added to our counting list.
14. Item will display with barcode, description, quantity available in store and with price/cost.


15. In qty field enter qty which you found from that location.
16. Quantity you can enter quantity in form of single, case and pack.


17. After adding item you can hold or reconcile invoice and proceed further.



18. By this way new invoice can created in inventory count.