How do i configure altria scan data file ?

1. Sign in with your web log in.
2. Go to scan data module from left side of pane.
3. Hit outlet detail.
4. In outlet detail page click to add option.


5. In outlet detail page click to add tab.
6. When open tab then one page with store detail should open.
7. Enter your store name.
8. Now enter text in host name.
9. Enter user name of store by which store is login.
10. Enter password of store.
11. Enter proper store number.
12. There is one filed department. When click on that field and enter any text then all available department name starting with same text would display.


13. Pick up any department from list.
14. It will added as scan data department for altria.
15. Apply save option.
16. By this way altria scan data file can configure.