How to complete counting in inventory count ?

When from every place counting is complete then from reconcile module you can complete whole counting(invoice).

1. Go to Inventory count module.
2. Open reconcile.


3. From recall all the places counting within invoice.
4. If any one place counting remains to reconcile, Invoice can not be complete.
5. All the items listed in reconcile.
6. From reconcile you can not change item quantity or can not delete item from invoice.
7. Only you can view(All,unmatched, matched,uncounted).
8. Apply complete.


9. When complete invoice display two option.
10. When you select “send uncounted data” then popup display for select/unselect department.
11. Department you select, all uncounted item quantity set in qty OH field in store.


12 If you select “Ignore uncounted data” Then only counted item qty change, Uncounted item QTY OH will not change, they will remain as before counting.