How to compare Deliver PO List with Validation/ME or EDI ?

This functionality is used when store want to compare received items with order list.

1. Open Rapid rms application.
2. Open purchase order module from dashboard.
3. Tap ‘Receiving pending’ module.


4. In receiving pending all the orders which are move from open order would listed.
5. Orders will display with created date & time, opn #, title, invoice, receiving date & time, user and Action.
6. Open any of the order which you want to compare.


7. In Delivery Screen, You will see Validation/Me and EDI option.
8. Tap on Validation/ME otion.
9. At there, Scan or add items which store ordered and enter ‘Qty Reorder’ .


10. Now go to PO list and compare items.
11. You will see, items will compare with ME list and show status according that.(Ex: Unmatch, match, Over, Addition.)