How to Change status of edi file from reconcile to close ?

When from EDI file list if you want to change status then from edi list you can change states.

Let suppose there is one EDI file which you have apply proceed then in EDI file list that will display with status “Reconcile”.

1. Go to edi file list.
2. There is entry display with status ‘Reconcile’.


3. Hit that reconcile button.
4. Window for complete order will open.


5. All the items which are in PO will display.
6. You can delete item from list if item is not from EDI file.
7. If any item is of EDI file then it will consider as status in additional status.
8. Close title is compulsory to close PO.
9. Enter any text in close title.
10. Now hit reconcile.
11. PO will close.


11. One pop up will open for remarks.
12. Enter text and apply save.
13. If you want to move order items in back order then keep check option move to back order.


14. In EDI list it will display with status close.
15. Now order is close and you can not process further more with perticular invoice.