How to do card(swipe/signature) setting ?

For credit card, debit card or any other card transaction need to set configuration from setting module.

If cards are properly configured from setting then only at a time of transaction they would perform as card type otherwise they will consider as cash payment.

1. Open rapid rms application.
2. Go to setting module.
3. Tap on tender configuration.
4. This kind of setting are only possible in which cards are available at the time of payment.
5. Open either credit card, debit card, EBT or gift card.
6. Initially all options would off.


7. When card option ON that means in tender screen when payment is from any of card then screen for card open.
8. When card option ON then merchant copy, and broad POS option enable.


9. When merchant copy On that means after payment complete one copy for merchant will also print.
10. For card transaction need to select payment mode gate way either pax or broad POS. At a time only one can be select.


11. When card swipe then only multiple card swipe can be ON. separately it can not be set as ON.
12. In any payment type if you want to do payment by more than one card then set multiple card swipe option ON.


13. There is one option signature applicable.
14. When this option is ON then below that five other option open.
15. You can select from any of four. At a time only one option can be selected.
16. RCR signature capture that means at the time of card swipe in application one screen would open for signature.
17. RCD signature capture that means if customer display is connected with rapid and this option is selected then in RCD module screen for signature will open.
18. Signature capture on paper that means when complete transaction then in print receipt one receipt for signature will print.
19. Pax signature capture is for doing signature at the time of pax transaction.
20. There is one another setting for set card limit for signature.
21. Whatever amount is set in card limit, signature screen will open if transaction is minimum of that much amount.
22. I.e if there is set 5 $ that means if transaction is of 5 $ or above then only signature capturing screen will open otherwise not.