Bluetooth Printer Setup

1: Set up a Wi-Fi Network

  • The Bluetooth printer connects wirelessly to an iPad using Bluetooth technology, avoiding a WiFi connection. However, you will need Internet access to complete credit card transaction and the cloud-based features.
  • A network setup depends primarily on the Internet service provider and may include a router or modem device to have a WiFi network.

2: Pair the Printer and the iPad

  • Plug the power cable into the right most port on the back of the printer.
  • Power the printer on.
  • Load a roll of paper into the printer.
  • Hold the PAIR button for 15 seconds. Note: You have 60 seconds to pair your iPad. Make sure you have it nearby!
  • Open your iPad Settings and open Bluetooth menu.
  • Click the Star Micronics printer listed in Other Devices.
  • Once your printer and iPad are connected, the back of the printer will have a solid blue light to confirm the connection.

3: Connect the Printer and the Cash Drawer (optional)

  • Make sure the printer and the iPad are paired.
  • Plug the cable included with the cash drawer into the DK port on the back of the printer.
  • Connect the larger end of the cable to the underside of the cash drawer.

4: Enable Printer Settings in Rapid RMS

  • Open Rapid RMS app.
  • Select Settings.settings arrow
  • Under Hardware, click Printer.Printer Arrow Menu
  • Tap Bluetooth/TCP.Settings Printer Menu
  • Select BluetoothBluetooth:TCP Printer Settings

Your printer is now ready to go! You can establish tender print receipt configuration here.