How to assign categories for multiple items together?

This functionality is used when a user wants to add or assign a category to multiple items together.

1. Open Rapid RMS Application. ->From the Home screen, -> go to the “ITEM MOVEMENT” module.
2. In the Item movement page, in the bottom screen, tap on the Search button.


3. Select all items which category you want to change or add.
4. Tap on the Add button. This will add those items on the “ITEM MOVEMENT” page.


5. Now from the “ITEM MOVEMENT” list, select all the items again that you want to change a category.
6. Now after selecting items, in the bottom screen tap on the “MOVE TO” button.
7. Now you will see, one popup with options like DEPARTMENT, SUB-DEPARTMENT, VENDER, GROUP, TAGS, TAX, and EBT.
8. From the category list, tap on any of the category ex) Department.


9. It will open another pop up with list of Departments, Select your desired department that you want to move your items.
10. Now from confirmation popup, tap on the “Yes” option.


11. After confirmation, click on the “CONTINUE” button.
12. Now you will see, a message appear for successful and that category assigned to all those selected items.