How to apply qty multiplier?

How to apply qty multiplier?

For order in purchase order need to set reorder quantity. But if items are in bulk then it is not convenient to enter qty value individual. So for that qty multiplier is there for set value in qty reorder.

1. Go to rapid rms application.
2. Open purchase order module from dashboard.
3. Click on PO list.


4. It will open purchase order list screen.
5. Select items in which you want to set reorder quantity.
6. Hit qty multiplier option.


7. In qty multiplier value can be increase and decrease in from of percentage and factor. Some of default values are available and also manually value can be added.


8. Click on Done

9. All selected value should have reorder qty change as according to factor set.


Note : Before use qty multiplier make sure initial value of reorder should not be zero.