Application Loading Issue

Solution 1: Double click the home button on iPad and slide up to close the application. Reopen the Rapid RMS application and check if the problem continues. If this does not fix the problem, go to Solution 2.

Solution2: If you’re running on a Wi-Fi network using a router, check your internet connectivity. To check your internet connectivity, open Safari and type or in the URL (located on the top)
NOTE: Follow the step below if: Safari displays following message – Safari cannot open the….or if theinternet is working and the application continues to load but does not load,call 1-800-Rapid-02or 1-800-727-4302.

a) If you’re unable to go to in safari, find setting on your iPad, and click Wi-Fi. Make sure you’re connected to your internal network and Wi-Fi is turned on.

b) Find your router and unplug the power code for 10 seconds and then plug back in.

c) Recheck your Internet connectivity. If you still are not connected, contact your Internet Service Provider.