How to add ‘Sales Discount’ from BOF and apply it on the bill?

Sales Discount is a reduced price offered on sales of goods or customer’s total bill.

Add Sales discount from BOF
1. In BOF, Sign in with your store -> Inventory -> Discounts.
2. In Discounts Page, Click on ‘Add’ button.
3. Now add sales discount detail in its respective field.
4. Now select ‘Sale Discount’ option if not selected then the discount will not display in POS screen of iPad.
5. Now Save new sales discount.


6. Now You will see, newly added discount in List.


Apply a Sales discount on the bill.
1. Follow the below steps :
2. Open RapidRMS app.
3. Go to RCR module.
4. Ring up some items in bill screen.
5. Now In the bottom screen, tap on the discount icon.
6. Now you will see, the discount popup with sales discount list which you have already added from BOF.
7. Now either select Bill option or item. If select bill option then the discount will apply on customer bill otherwise on selected items.
8. After doing the above process tap on ‘Enter’ button.


9. Now you will see, applied a discount on customer bill.