How to add item into PO from inventory management?

Item can be directly added to PO list from inventory management.

1. Open rapid rms application.
2. Go to inventory management module.

inventory management1

3. At bottom bar there is one option available.”Add to PO”
4. First of all enable select button.
5. Now select items you want to add into PO list.
6. Multiple item selection is possible.
7. After item selection hit add to PO option.
8. Selected items will added to PO list.

inventory management2

Second way
1. Open Item in edit mode.
2. In right side pan there is option “ADD TO PO”
3. From edit mode that perticular item you can add to PO.
4. Apply save.
5. Item will added to PO list.

inventory management3

Third way
1. Open item list.
2. In any of item click on short cut option.
3. Pop up fro short vut option will open.
4. Enable PO option.
5. Apply save.
6. Item will added to PO list.

inventory management4