How to do (Add/Edit/Delete) payment master in inventory management?

Payment master is a module in which you can add new payment, Edit existing payment and delete payment.

1. Open RAPID RMS application in IOS.
2. Select inventory management from Dashboard.


3. Select payment master from item management menu from the top left corner.


1. Click on new payment button for adding new payment in payment master.


2. When click on new payment button then following screen will open.


3. Payment name: This is field for payment name. Enter payment name in this field. i.e credit card could be payment name.
4. Payment code: The payment code is used for record keeping. It can be numerical value or alphabet letter. Unique payment code is compulsory to add for adding new payment. i.e For credit card 5. payment code could be CC.
6. Payment type: Payment type is type of payment method by which you can pay ordered value. There is one pop up window for payment type selection. From all you can select only one payment type at a time for payment.


7. Surcharge: Surcharge is for extra charge or fee. If you would like to charge customer on this payment method then select surcharge. Amount of surcharge could be in % or $. For i.e for credit card payment method want to apply 10$ surcharge on it.
8. Drop amount: Only select drop amount for particular method if you want to take cash out from drawer. If drop amount is selected then any amount charge will be in negative value.
Click on save button.


1. You can edit already exist payment detail.
2. Click on any payment name for editing payment detail. Payment will open in edit mode.

Following screen will open when click any payment in edit mode.


3. When open payment in edit mode then payment is appear with payment name, code and type. If you want to change any detail then edit detail and click on save button.
4. If you don’t want to edit then click on cancel button.


1. When want to delete already exist payment then open that payment in edit mode and click on delete button. And click on yes then payment will be deleted.
2. Newly create payment you are not able to delete. Only existing payment you can delete.