How do I add delivery invoice in manual entry?

How do I add delivery invoice in manual entry?

1. Log in with manual entry module.
2. For create new invoice click on new option.


3. Enter receiving date, vendor name (not compulsory) and invoice # which is user defined.
4. Click on next.
5. It will open screen for the manual entry with none item and at bottom bar new item, search, hold, print, item info and reconcile button.
6. From new option new item can be added. When added new item then item should also added in storage also.
7. When click on search option then all item of store should display with Add and close button.


8. Select items from list which you want to add in manual entry.
9. Click on add button.
10. All added item should display in manual entry page.


11. In added item quantity can be set which we want to enter in manual entry.
12. For set quantity in item click on that item it would open in edit mode enter quantity in single, case and pack.
13. If return is enable then quantity of that item would be return from available stock and this item quantity will display with negative sign in invoice.
14. If you want to hold invoice then click on hold. Invoice will hold and display in recall list. Invoice will stay in recall list till its not reconcile.
15. If you want to complete invoice then reconcile that invoice.
16. When reconcile then item stock would update in inventory.
17. Reconciled invoice would display in history section.